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West Hampstead Acupuncture



The practitioners at West Hampstead Acupuncture all have a degree level qualification in Acupuncture and are members of the British Acupuncture Council. Our herbalist is a member of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine. All practitioners carry up to date insurance. At West Hampstead Acupuncture you can be assured of absolute confidentiality, sensitivity and dedication to your needs.



All acupuncture needles used in the clinic are high quality sterilised single-use stainless steel needles. We practice Clean Needle Technique and meet the standards of hygiene and safety required by the British Acupuncture Council. We tailor our treatments to our patients' particular needs, constitution and requirements to achieve the best results with the most appropriate methods.

Our herbs are sourced from reliable suppliers, approved by RCHM. Before distribution, all herbs are examined for traces of heavy metals and pesticide levels in accordance with EU law. They are free from preservatives, chlorine and aluminium phosphate. The herbal powders are highly concentrated herbal extracts, spray-dried in laboratory conditions with strict quality control and sequrely packaged.


We are absolutely dedicated to getting the best results for our patients. We aim that for the majority of cases a noticeable effect will be felt after the first visit and that this will increase as treatments go on. In complex cases we work together effectively as a team to enhance patient outcomes.