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Blending the Best of Traditional and Modern Approaches to Treat Pain

by Alex Jacobs

Chronic pain conditions are extremely common but less so are effective strategies to treat them. At West Hampstead Acupuncture we specialise in the treatment of pain. We use a blend of modern and traditional approaches to treat pain from all angles.

Modern methods can be very precise at locating and treating the mechanical source of pain but lack the depth and long term rehabilitation benefits of traditional methods.

On the other hand Traditional Chinese methods can profoundly affect the quality of blood circulation to a particular area and throughout the body’s systems. The magnificent system of traditional Chinese diagnosis enables us to tailor a treatment to the person in front of us and work to rebalance the whole system so that the body supports the healing. However, traditional methods lack the precise understanding of body mechanics and anatomy of the modern ones.

It is our experience and understanding that the most effective and comprehensive way to treat pain is from multiple angles.

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