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Marina Brooun

BSc (Hons) Acupuncture MBAcC
MSc Chinese Herbal Medicine
MNHMA NO HANDS Massage Therapist

Tel: 07951 574 319 Email:

Therapies: Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acupuncture,  NO HANDS massage,  Holistic massage, Deep tissue massage, Aromatherapy massage, Lymphatic drainage massage, Sports massage, Indian head massage, Pregnancy massage, Facial Rejuvenation massage, Reflex Foot massage, Detox massage, Deep Qi Bodywork and Pulsing.

Marina Brooun is a fully qualified and insured acupuncture and massage practitioner. She is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and the No Hands Massage Association.

Marina completed her Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture undergraduate degree at the University of Westminster. After graduating, she travelled to Taiwan and shadowed experienced TCM doctors in Tai Zhong hospital. She is also learning Chinese Mandarin to gain deeper appreciation of Chinese medicine and culture through the language.

Marina had extensive Yin Style Ba Gua training with Andrew Nugent-Head. She also practises Master Tung’s system, Dr. Richard’s Tan Balancing method and Kiiko Matsumoto’s Japanese acupuncture approaches to treatment. Marina sees acupuncture as an alternative and complementary medicine to conventional treatments and, therefore, can treat numerous health complaints. She uses massage techniques during acupuncture and also uses her knowledge of Chinese Medicine when giving massage.

Marina is an ITEC qualified, very experienced and highly skilled massage practitioner. Her understanding of healing through touch gained incredible depth through her training with Gerry Pyves, the developer of the No Hands massage style. This style involves the gradual falling of the practitioner’s body weight through the soft parts of their forearms onto the client during massage. This delivers physical and psychological support to the client and is naturally followed by the letting go of emotional and physical tension. The No Hands touch is uniquely soothing yet deep and transformational. You will be asked to feel, breathe and release any tension that can be released on the day. You have to try this style to truly appreciate the power of therapeutic touch.

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To book an appointment with Marina please email 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 IfScHs8aMNgUPylgSsRsMyn8z35fKWir caesar Please enable JavaScript in your web browser to display this page correctly or contact her via text to 07951 574 319 and Marina will get back to you as soon as possible.